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AWS D1.1 Certification

Selecting a welding or fabrication company that does not require its employees to carry AWS D1.1 Certification will lead to difficulties on a project. If a company allows employees to work without this certification, production can be jeopardized creating instability and the overall quality of work may suffer. AWS D1.1 Certification assures an employee has the experience, training, and work efficiency necessary to handle the challenging career of a welder.




Thanks to the categorized nature of this certification, you know that each person who works at Thorough Built, LLC. has a great deal of skill in their specific trade. This means that your product will be built functionally, accurately, and efficiently every time.

Satisfied Staff

Thorough Built, LLC. supports this certification because of the efficiency it offers our business, but because it allows our employees to be compensated at a higher rate. Everyone benefits from excellent productivity and higher rates of pay improve company morale and gives our welders a higher sense of responsibility.


Thorough Built, LLC. holds our welders to a higher standard you might imagine that our entire operation functions under similarly high demands. As such, you can be confident in the knowledge that our facility is safe and efficient, and any projects you assign to us are completed in a timely manner without error.


We provide customers with multiple options for customizable fabrications, equipping our welders with the most up to date and relevant techniques and materials available. Your project is in good hands as the AWS certification that our employees carry confirms. No matter what welding or fabrication-related work you may require.


We stand behind the importance of AWS D1.1 Certification because of the key requirements that it tests. Thorough Built, LLC. knows that meeting the customers’ needs begins with hiring employees who can accurately accomplish what they require. This certification guarantees the efficiency and skill of our team, and thanks to it our workers know they are in a safe and reliably environment where they can weld reliably. AWS D1.1 Certification guarantees the excellence of our staff of welders and fabricators, so stop in today to see the difference that working with a certified team can make.

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